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Technical Q&A

Q: The meter only displays one battery level when the electric bike is fully charged?
A: The reason may be that the power display mode of the meter is not adjusted correctly.
G20 meter setting method: Open the dashboard, and then press the "+" and "-" buttons for 3 seconds to switch to the normal display mode.
70E meter setting method: Turn on the meter, then press the two buttons of the meter simultaneously, the screen will display P1, then press the M key to switch to the following parameter setting:36 or 48, press the open button on the meter to change the parameter to 36, and then long press the open button on the meter, the parameter will display three horizontal lines flashing, indicating that the modification is successful. Finally long press the open button on the meter to restart the meter and it’s done.

Q: How to crack the maximum speed of electric bicycles?
A: Pinch the front and rear brakes at the same time, and then turn the accelerating handle to the maximum, then turn on the meter. When you see the meter screen flashes for 5 times, release the brake and the handle to finish the process.

Q: What is the maximum speed per hour?
A: The factory setting top speed is 25km/h

Q: How to use cruise control?
A: Keep riding at a constant speed for 8 seconds. The e-bike will keep the original speed and continue to move forward after releasing the handle. Turn the handle or brake again If you need to release the fixed speed.

Q:Can this e-bike be used in winter? Or at what temperature can it work?
A:Electric bicycles are suitable for using under -10℃--50℃ environment

Q: Can I only use manpower if the battery is dead?
A: You can push on the pedals when the battery is dead.

Q: How to charge the battery correctly?
A: It is advisable to charge the battery in a ventilated and dry place. Direct sunlight or rain will have a negative influence on the performance of the battery and charger. Keep the battery and charger away from other heat sources when charging.
The battery should be fully charged in time after using. (the green light on the charger means it is fully charged). Long-term storage of under-power will affect the performance of the battery.
When charging, connect the battery and then plug in the mains. Unplug the mains first after charging, and then unplug the battery. If you do not follow the steps, it will cause ignition when connecting the battery.

Q: What factors affect battery life?
A: Insufficient tire pressure will increase the resistance of the electric bicycle and consume limited electric energy in vain.
It will consume more power when riding on poor road conditions or roads with many uphills.
Avoid starting the electric bicycle directly in electric mode when it is stationary, which will greatly damage the battery and motor. We recommend stepping on the pedals before starting, and then using the electric power to accelerate.
Avoid frequent braking or starting. Frequent high-current discharges and power-down of the battery will have an adverse impact on its life.
The ambient temperature has a great influence on the use of the battery. In winter, the temperature is low, the battery will be "not fully charged", which is a normal phenomenon, and the range will naturally be shortened. The temperature rises after winter and the battery range will automatically rise.

Q: How to make the throttle work at all times?
A: Ride at the same speed for 8 seconds, release the throttle and the e-bike may keep the original speed and move forward.

Q: Is the e-bike waterproof?
A: FIIDO electric bicycle has excellent waterproof performance, however, please note that the wading height cannot be higher than the hub to prevent damage to the motor when passing through the pool. Avoid washing the e-bike with a high-pressure water gun to avoid damage to the electronic components and wiring due to soaking.

Q: How to charge M1/M1pro correctly?
A: Insert the key and turn it to the open position when charging, and then plug in the charger to charge the battery.

Q: How to use electric and moped mode on D1/D2?
A: The D1/D2 electric and moped modes need to be switched through the multi-function button. The multi-function button is adjusted to the pedal mode on the left, pure electric mode in the middle, and electric moped mode on the right.

Q: How much time does it take to charge, and does it consume much power?
A: The newly purchased battery may take 7-8 hours to charge, and the electric bicycle consumes very little power.

Q: What are the factors that affect the speed of electric bikes?
A: It is related to the rated speed of the motor, the size of the wheels, the size of the battery and the voltage, the speed limited of the controller, the road condition, headwind or not, the plastic parts of the e-bike, the assembly process of the car, as well as tire pressure, human weight, etc. .

Q: What does the range of electric bicycles depend on?
A: It mainly depends on the battery capacity, the efficiency and rated current of the motor, the riding current, as well as the road conditions, frequent starting and stopping, and the weight of the rider.