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FIIDO X Folding Electric Bike

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Redefining the aesthetics of electric powered bicycle design, breaking the conventional cognition, all your imagination will be reflected in Fiido X. It will bring you unprecedented enjoyment in both using experience and unique shape, could be the perfect bike for all your sports needs, also can easily solve the problem of daily commuting. Furthermore, it’s light and can be folded easily into the trunk, the 4+2 travel combination could help you to unlock more outdoor cycling experience.


Fiido X has achieved unprecedented innovation in the industry, which will become the benchmark of the future electric powered bicycle no matter in appearance or cycling experience. Fiido X continues the cutting-edge product design aesthetics of Fiido, and adopt a minimalist and technological design different from the traditional E-bike, with less exposed lines , lighter and sturdier body, you will enjoy a more pleasant riding experience with easier pedal-assisting power and more intelligent cycling control.

Fiido X is HERE !

Founded in 2016, we’ve delivered more than 300 thousand Fiido electric bicycles to customers worldwide. Listening to each user's voice, continuing to break the rules in products and bring bigger surprise are what we insist, because of this persistence, now Fiido X is HERE !

Creating the aesthetic of future

Fiido X perfectly present you the ultimate design aesthetic style with a sense of futuristic technology. The frame line is smooth and simple, with a delicate nebulas blue color, which creating a unique electric bicycle with the beauty of the future.

Innovative rail-type power, beauty and a beast

Fiido X is world’s the first folding electric bike with built-in seat pole to transmit battery power, without ugly exposed wires, it looks like a beautiful bike. Equipped with a 417.6Wh ternary lithium battery, which makes the moped mode range more than 130KM. Providing you more power output for any riding needs.

Stunning strength shows the stunning experience

Based on the ergonomic design, and the primary consideration of the combination between riding performance and comfort, leading Fiido X be able to present you the delightful riding experience which beyond the expectation.

Torque sensor, carefree riding

Fiido X is equipped with a leading torque sensor system, which can sense the rider’s wills. With the 40N/m high torque motor. No more fear about the hillside, let’s conquer the vast mountains more easily.

Tech + Specs

The unique electric bicycle aesthetics that Fiido endows X truly achieves the perfect balance between form and function.


Battery:36V 11.6AH
Display :LED with USB charging port
Sensor:torque sensor
Maximum speed: 19.2MPH (32KM/h)
Gear system: 7 speed
Motor:350W brushless gear motor
Power Assisted Range: 110KM
Tire size :20''*1.95 inch
Folded size :794*350*803mm 
Bicycle size :1490*587*1070mm